Lecture at TU Delft

Last week we gave a lecture at TU Delft about our latest project 24Tiny!


A home for elderly – ‘modular’

We are proud to announce that we have made it to the shortlist of 20 for the competition REINVENT THE HABITAT! The increasing aging of the population in the Netherlands has created a tight housing market for affordable elderly homes. This results in waiting lists for older people who cannot find a suitable house. Our idea is to create a home for elderly people against a super competive price. Construction time can be greatly reduced by using the same modular building component for the roof, façade and floor.

In our design simplicity, daylight and living comfort are the main pillars.

Interested in this concept? Feel free to contact us!


24 TINY – a self sufficient tiny house

So WHAT does a self-sufficient (off-grid) Tiny House look like and HOW does it respond to the needs of the users? “A good design is sustainable, a great design is responsible” Today’s market and economy are changing. There is a greater need for a ‘pop-up’ culture with the emphasis on temporary and flexible interpretations. To reflect on this culture, the house will be movable and always on the road. The house will change users every 24 hours to inspire as many people as possible.

The house offers an inspiring and unique platform for sustainability. (self-sufficiency) and makes the topic of sustainability attractive and inspirational for everyone. With its modern and expressive look (eye-catcher), the ‘24Tiny’ shows how attractive sustainability can look. Only sustainable materials are used in the design.

The house is composed of a completely open and light central space that connects with the environment and can be fully utilized by the user. In addition to this central open space are two functional triangular ‘boxes’ where all functions are fully integrated.